90 and still counting every beat

Jacqui reaches the big 90!

Chobham had a very busy year ringing at all sorts of events throughout 2016.

One of the last and most momentous events of 2016 was celebrating the 90th birthday of St Lawrence Cobham’s longest serving handbell ringer Jacqui Billings. She reached this amazing milestone in December 2016 and we could not let it go by unnoticed.

Jacqui has been ringing handbells with the team for almost 40 years now and her dedication and commitment to the team is unrivalled. She is very rarely absent from her bell ringing duties at St Lawrence Chobham and even on her birthday she joined the team to play at the annual Christmas church service.

Jacqui’s belling ringing has taken her across the globe from Australia to USA. Her bell ringing appearances over the years have included the Generation Game with Jim Davidson, BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans and in December 2016 BBC Radio Surrey to name but a few.

Many of her family members have played handbells with St Lawrence Chobham and some still play handbells in various capacities today. Jacqui also finds time to continue teaching Maths and French to school pupils who need that extra bit of help and she can also be seen cycling around her local area in Camberley. When she is not doing all this she still finds time to spend with her family including her great grandchildren.

Jacqui you are one remarkable lady – here’s to many more years ringing those bells!!

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