Month: December 2006

  • A Sunday in the life of the Christmas Bells

    Ann McHale gives a ringer’s perspective… At 11 o’clock skaters whirl and twirl, slip, slide, fall over and pick themselves up. Reindeer shuffle in their pen, and a festive horse and carriage carries children and grown-ups alike to see the sights – Its Christmas again at Kew. After the excitement of the cold, it is…

  • Chobham St Lawrence Handbell Ringers celebrate Christmas 2006

    The Christmas Season is always our busiest time of year, and 2006 was no exception. A typical day at the weekend during December comprised ringing for 2 hours at Kew in the Orangery at Lunch time, a run back down to the Chobham area for a performance at a retirement home during the afternoon, followed…

  • 2006 Events

    Events of 2006 (in reverse chronological order): Christmas ringing 2006