Monthly Archives: December 2006

A Sunday in the life of the Christmas Bells

Ann McHale gives a ringer’s perspective…

At 11 o’clock skaters whirl and twirl, slip, slide, fall over and pick themselves up. Reindeer shuffle in their pen, and a festive horse and carriage carries children and grown-ups alike to see the sights – Its Christmas again at Kew. After the excitement of the cold, it is warming and festive to go inside the Orangery for something hot and to hear the Christmas Handbell ringers play familiar tunes – that is us! I’m dreaming of a White Christmas and Silent Night bring back happy memories, and excited but nervous children look imploringly hoping to be chosen to play the Jingle bells or to clip clop the coconuts. At one o’clock the bells stop and provide a different kind of entertainment as tables and drapes are whisked through the Orangery windows, the bells are packed into their boxes and vanish to the waiting trailer, for we have another venue to go to.

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Chobham St Lawrence Handbell Ringers celebrate Christmas 2006

The Christmas Season is always our busiest time of year, and 2006 was no exception.

A typical day at the weekend during December comprised ringing for 2 hours at Kew in the Orangery at Lunch time, a run back down to the Chobham area for a performance at a retirement home during the afternoon, followed by playing as part of a Carol service in a Church in the evening.

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