2004 Events

Events of 2004 (in reverse chronological order):

2004 was an active and successful year for the team, beginning on St Valentine’s day, 14th February, by hosting a very successful rally for handbell teams from all over the South East Region. Further details of our activities may be found on our website (http://handbells.chobham.org/) and here we just provide some of the highlights.

Annual report 2004 (click to view pdf)
Christmas season

    • 19 December – celebration of Christmas with St Lawrence Church, Chobham.
    • 18 December – Christmas handbell music along with Len Rawle on the Woking Wurlitzer, Woking Leisure Centre.
    • 18 December – Carols in the lobby, High Cross Church, Knoll Road, Camberley
    • 12 December – Carol Service at Our Lady & St Dominic, High View Road, Farnborough
    • During December we also visited clubs and homes in the area to bring them some Christmas cheer.

23rd October we gave a charity concert at High Cross Church, Camberley, Surrey, in support of the Asian Students Christian Trust.

9th October, we performed a successful concert at Our Lady and St Dominic Church, High View Road, Farnborough, Hampshire.

In September/October we ran handbell workshops for years 2 and 4 at our local primary schools in Chobham parish.

26th September, as part of the Chobham Festival, we presented an afternoon practical workshop for all ages. That same evening we gave a half hour recital in St Lawrence Church, Chobham, as a prelude to “Harvest Songs of Praise” in the church, where we also performed two pieces.

Team shot: Chobham Church, September 2004

Team shot: Chobham Church, September 2004

In August 2004 we attended the International Handbell Symposium in Toronto, combined with our own post-symposium tour in Canada. Follow the link for pictures.

The resident piper at Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario, helps us perform "Amazing Grace".

The resident piper at Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario, helps us perform “Amazing Grace”.

On 15th May 2004 at Ninfield Memorial Hall in East Sussex, our concert performance included the world premiere performance of RING OUT, an original composition commissioned by the team from Sandra Winter to celebrate 26 years leadership of the team by Alan Collings. Alan and Sandra were both there and received presentation copies of the score:

Earlier the same day, 15th May, we rang at Hastings Prior Meadow shopping complex to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Frimley over-60s club were delighted with our music which we performed at their 30th birthday party on Maundy Thursday afternoon, 8th April. Many of the club came up for a try themselves.

We hosted a very successful rally for St Valentine’s day on 14th February 2004 for handbell teams in the SE Region.

The team in March 2004

The team in March 2004