Monthly Archives: October 2001

Chateau at Sucy en Brie

Carrying with us formal greetings from the Mayor of our home borough of Surrey Heath, we presented a concert in the historic chateau at the twinned town of Sucy en Brie, to the south of Paris. Handbell tune ringing was evidently a new experience for our audience, and they appeared to enjoy it thoroughly.


Sunday morning we were guests of the Christian community at Evry who invited us to participate in their cathedral service.


Evry Cathedral was built in the 1990s. Its stunning modern design, with a crown of lime trees, draws the attention from afar, while the interior is no less impressive. It is formally linked with our own diocese of Guildford and as well as our own musical performance we were accompanied by Rev Andrew Body and Chris Bedford from St Lawrence Church, who gave readings at the service.